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In the classroom, students are involved in making decisions about what to learn, how to learn and how to be assessed

(Nunan, 2015, p.19).

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PhD, Associate Professor
PhD, Associate Professor Cambridge qualified linguist since 2012 American University of Armenia, MA TEFL department, full scholarship nominee 1 monograph, more than 40 scientific articles in national and international journals

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15 Септември 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Christina Grigoryan Academy, we offer courses in: IELTS ACADEMYC, CAE,FCE, TOEFL; English language - all levels, Armenian for children and adults; preparation for Higher Education and Higher Education Institutions, Bulgarian language for foreigners, Bulgarian language for high school and junior high school students. Арменски за деца и възрастни, Подготовка за НВО и ДЗИ , Български език за чужденци, Български език за ученици в гимназиален и прогимназиален етап.

Groups are formed with two to six people, and you can also receive individual lessons. 

After you have chosen a specific course, you can confirm your participation by phone, by email, on the academy's website –; our FB page or in person at the specified address.

На всички успешно завършили курс на обучение се издава Удостоверение за завършено ниво..All those who have successfully completed a training course are issued a Certificate of Completed Level in accordance with the European Language Framework. The Certificate is valid in all the EU countries except Spain.. Сертификатът е валиден във всички страни от ЕС с изключение на Испания.

Christina Grigoryan Academy offer online and offline education. 

You can use: 4% discount for each 2nd family member within the same period of attendance; 5% discount for each 3rd and 4th family member within the same period of attendance; 3% for each subsequent course at the Academy, the rebate is cumulative up to maximum 12%.  

BONUS: FREE lesson for your birthday with birthday present. 

  1. Academy organizes a FREE Placement test (Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation) and gives the detailed analysis of each language aspect.